Case Studies 3

A Highly Intensive Tutoring Program for the Grade Repetition of A 10th Grader
Background history :

A 10th grade high school male student from a senior high school in East Jakarta, majoring in natural science class, became a repeater in his 10th grade because his academic report in the first semester was far from minimum requirement to continue to the next grade.

Problem :

He was one of 5 students with the lowest score in his class, and he was suffering a low self-esteem and his family life was in a high emotional tension too, since his parents was living in the outside of Jakarta most of the time and he was living only with his brother and sister. However, he still wanted to continue his school and wanted to continue to the 11th grade.

Solution :

Elite Tutors Indonesia proposed a highly intensive tailored-made tutoring program. Our first focus was to create a strong fundamental principle of Basic Science, as in Basic Math, English, and Indonesia Language. Then, we continued to improve his academic performance in Natural Science, as in Physics, Biology, and Chemistry. The tutoring program was done after school, so our tutors set up a fun tutoring program to reduce stress during the tutoring time.

Achievement :

After undergoing the highly intensive tailored-made tutoring program, he was well-improved as his academic performance in the second semester showing that he was in the top 30 in his class.