Client Call

This is the first step for any prospective client to join our program. Here we will record some of prospective client’s information:

  • Client’s name for both parent and learner;
  • Their contacts (phone and address);
  • Grade and school of the learner;
  • General description of problem or any target that the client wants to achieve it;
  • Finally we could arrange the time and place for first meeting.

Before we move further to the next step, we highly appreciate for our prospective client if you could learn about our tailored-made methods briefly. So you could understand well about the precious merits of using our tutoring service.



Tailored-made methods

Tailored-made methods are the novelty of Elite Tutors Indonesia. The methods are developed by our founding father, Dr. Eng. Sumarsono, ST., MT., OCP. After years of research and development for improvement since 2008, now these methods become our standard to deliver our program to the clients, starts from elementary school –Sekolah Dasar (SD)– level to senior high school –Sekolah Menengah Atas (SMA)– level. The methods have a simply aim. The aim is to achieve the highest possible academic performance of the learner while accommodating his/her unique individual diversity and recognized his/her life environmental condition. But still, these methods require high participation from the parents (clients) as the main stakeholders.

There are two key features of these methods:

  1. Focus on the process improvement. As the nature of human, we can’t control the results. The results are the final products of our best efforts in the process for attaining them;
  2. Similar to the medical doctor standard operational procedure. First, we diagnose the client (parents) including his children (leaner) condition and its study objective in the first meeting with us. Second, we will do some analysis after the first meeting. Third, we will propose the tailored-made tutoring for the client to be approved.