1. How to register as a client to Elite Tutors Indonesia?

    Please contact us either by phone or email, so we can call you back to arrange the First Meeting.

  2. Can I directly visit Elite Tutors Indonesia office and meet Dr. Eng. Sumarsono, ST., MT., OCP. without prior reservation?

    Yes, you can. You can meet our CEO in our office at City Lofts Sudirman Jakarta. However, we recommend you to make a reservation before since he is not at the office all the time.

  3. Is it possible to do the First Meeting overseas?

    Yes, it is. You only have to call us for more information

  4. Does Elite Tutors Indonesia has regular class program?

    No, we don’t. We just serve 1-on-1 private tutoring program.

  5. How many client does Elite Tutors Indonesia serve in a year?

    We only serve 5-20 students each year according to the program. We serve the clients on first come first serve basis.

  6. Does Elite Tutors Indonesia has international affiliation of cooperation?

    Yes, we do. We have international affiliation of cooperation with Elite IB Tutors (UK and Singapore) in London, UK.

  7. Does Elite Tutors Indonesia serve student from elementary school?

    Yes, we do. However, the program is only for available for elementary school students with special conditions or special needs (mild dyslexia and mild autism).

  8. Does Elite Tutors Indonesia serve client outside Jakarta?

    Yes, we do. We serve anywhere within Indonesia area.

  9. Does Elite Tutors Indonesia has branch offices outside Jakarta?

    No, we don’t. We only have two offices at The City Tower, Menteng and City Lofts Sudirman, Central Jakarta. But we have representatives in some big cities in Indonesia, e. g. Bandung.

  10. How can I join Elite Tutors Indonesia team?

    Please find out more info about joining our team in the Career menu.