09 January 2017

Special Private Tutoring Service for Students who are Targeting Public University

JAKARTA. Until today, the public university is still high school students’ favorite for higher education in Indonesia. One of the reason why the students are competing to win public university seat is they are expecting good future career from become public university graduates.

There is also an enduring prestige if you can admitted to public university, especially the top one. However, due to the intense competition, those who are targeting public university seat definitely require an extra effort in order to win the competition.

The student’s compliance for the extra effort to admit to public university has become an opportunity for Elite Tutors Indonesia. The tutoring company, formerly named Elite Private, put its focus in provides private tutoring service for high school students targeting public university.

Dr. Eng. Sumarsono, ST., MT., OCP., Elite Tutors Indonesia founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO), says, what make his tutoring company differentiates from others is its using of Tailored-Made Tutoring Program method. “This method is a formula that we designed ourselves since 2008,” added the man who is familiarly called Kak Sono.

The formula is formulated based on Kak Sono’s experience when he was provided private tutoring services to high-end clients such as top executives of big companies, entrepreneurs, national figures, and public university professors since 2006.

The tutoring program method is applied differently for each learner. The program for each learner will be designed for about 6 months to 1.5 years during the program running. Therefore, things that build the program are determined in the first meeting with Kak Sono.

Kak Sono will identify the students’ academic and non-academic condition in the first meeting. Sometimes, the clients just want to be admitted to state universities without knowing what major will be taken.

After the academic and non-academic condition identified, the company will design a tailored-made tutoring program to each learner according to his/her potentials and needs. The tutoring sessions will be designed according to the learner’s productive time. The learning methods also will be tailored suitable with the learner passion.

Months of tutoring sessions may cause the learner to be bored. That is why non-academic activities were often carried out to maintain the learner consistency. “In the first 2 months, 80% portion of the sessions can be non-academic activities while the rest are academic activities. After that, it could be the opposite,” added Kak Sono.

The company learning principle is the tutor will build a close relationship with the learner to make tutoring program goes smoothly. The learning process will be conducts carefully using pedagogy and andragogy approaches by considering the transition. Both approaches are applied in order to train the learner's independence.

Most of the Elite Tutors Indonesia programs are targeting public university interest and talent search test invitation (PMDK), in addition to written tests as SBMPTN and SIMAK UI. Therefore, the tutor will also guides the learner to improve his/her non-academic potentials to win invitation from the public university in question.


92% Average Graduation

Elite Tutors Indonesia does not use the term of '100% graduation guarantee' for the sake of ethics. However, the Company is relying solely on the reputation of its portfolios. The Company had a capacity of 20 students each year since 2008, and then there were nearly 100 students who have took the program by 2016. The result was a graduation accumulation percentage of 92% of the approximately 20 learners per year.

Currently, the learner capacity of Elite Tutors Indonesia is limited to only 20 learners per year in order to maintain its quality. Each learner will have a 90-minute tutoring session at his/her own house. The learner will learn about subjects to be tested in the public university admission test.

In addition, the Company will focus on the preparation top 5 public universities namely the University of Indonesia (UI), the Gadjah Mada University (UGM), the Padjadjaran University (UNPAD), the Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB) and the Sepuluh Nopember Institute of Technology (ITS).

As a one-stop solution private tutoring company, in addition to help in the academic performance, the company will also help the learner in the public universities enrollment and admission test. The company even provides stress management for the learner’s parent.

“There are at least two types of parents’ stress. The first stress is caused by the first experience of having a child that will take higher education test. The second stress is caused by the failure trauma of their own child or relative’s child in the higher education test. Having such condition, I will communicate intensively with the parent to prevent the stress from affecting the child,” added the 29-year-old graduate of the Industrial Engineering of the University of Indonesia and the University of Hiroshima.

Currently the Elite Tutors Indonesia provides top university preparation program for the students from the senior high school with the National Curriculum, Cambridge Curriculum and the International Baccalaureate (IB). The program is specifically designed for the Grade 12 or the high school last year students.

However, currently, there were also demands of the program from parents of Grade 10 students. Currently, the Company is based in The City Tower Building, Menteng, Central Jakarta and The City Lofts, Sudirman, Central Jakarta.

The private tutoring program rates are depend on the condition of the child and his/her top university target. However, the rates range per tutoring session is IDR 500,000 - 1,000,000. In addition, the Company also provides top university preparation program for children with special needs such as mild autism or mil dyslexia.

“Tutoring program for a child with special needs will be accompanied by a psychologist or a physician,” added Kak Sono.

The consistent reputation in the high-end market has made Elite Tutors Indonesia developed to what it is today. Currently, the Company also provides a method on how to complete public university admission test fast.

In fact, every Elite Tutors Indonesia learner will be trained through the try-out (TO) to be able to complete the test within 1 hour. The goal is simple, a better time management on the test will provides more time for the student to do correction or stress management that may occur during the real test.


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