Special Condition Prep Program

What is students with “special condition”?

Students with “special condition” is defined for the following conditions, but unlimited to:

  1. Student who mentally affected by domestic problems that cause a bad academic performance, e. g. his/her parent divorce, etc.;
  2. Student who failed with his/her exams in international curriculum either Cambridge or International Baccalaureate (IB) curriculum, so they need to re-take the exams;
  3. Student who has adaptation disorder due to school moving, e. g. moving from school with international curriculum to school with national curriculum, moving from overseas’ school to Indonesia’s school, etc.;
  4. Student who has condition with high possibility of falling a grade due to some reasons, e. g. long period of sickness, etc.;
  5. Student or his/her parents, who has high level dynamic professional work, so the conventional style of school does not match with his/her needs, e. g. artist, professional athlete, etc.

Why private program?

Students with non-supportive learning environment is definitely a condition that need a special treatment. Mostly, the students are helpless in such particular conditions. His/her parents may also have difficulties in solving the problems by themselves as the problems are undefined or they may have not realize it.

Different student has different particular problem. The special condition need a special team who are able to personally approach and identify the problems that cause the non-supportive learning environment. As the problems are defined, a specifically or tailor-made program will be proposed and applied to give solutions. Such comprehensive process needs a private treatment and program.

Why Elite Tutors Indonesia?

Our's Special Condition Prep Program is a 1-on-1 tuition program specifically designed for student who has specific or undefined problems that strongly disturb his/her academic performance. Special Condition Prep Program has become our’ unique excellent program since 2008.

The program aims at supporting the student to achieve high academic performance in his/her school. Our professional tutors will use a combination of pedagogy and andragogy approaches in the program. The program is applied for both the student and his/her parent, as it needs a comprehensive identification and treatment.

The Special Condition Prep Program is designed for junior and senior high school students and requires a minimum of six months to achieve its objective. The basic features consist of the following items:

  • ~ 20 man hours of consultation by our CEO;
  • ~ 300 session of 1 to 1 tuition (1 session = 90 minutes of tutoring);
  • ~ 150 man hours of program supervisory;
  • ~ 50 man hours of off-site supporting 1 to 1 tuition;
  • Dedicated program officer;
  • Books and modules;
  • Stationary (Whiteboard is excluded);
  • Highly selected a team of professional tutors;
  • Team building program with the tutors (entertainment);
  • Targeted high schools’ visits (If move to another school is preferred);
  • Learning experience photo book;
  • Standardized psychology test*;
  • Monthly progress report.

INVESTMENTS  : IDR 200 - 300 Million


Education tour : Not included
Tutors background : Local
Duration of program : Min. 6 months


Booklet (Indonesian Version)

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Booklet (English Version)

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