Special Needs Prep Program

What is students with special needs?

Students with special needs are students with learning disabilities (LD) or learning difficulties who difficult or unable to understand things in the same way others do. Some students with learning difficulties also find it hard to fit in with others because there are many things that students must know in schools that are not easy to learn.

Learning difficulties can be things that students can learn to live with on their own, like dyslexia (a difficulty with reading and writing). They can also be big things that mean a student needs more help (like autism). Adult students with learning disabilities may have average intelligence. Learning disabilities is not a mental illness. They can often deal with their difficulties by doing things in different ways.

Why private program?

Students with special needs are definitely need special management including special education program. The students need enrollment in a special school for learning disabled students.

Unfortunately, there is no specific rulings that require the individuals that teach and provide special school services for students with special needs to have any specific training nor is licensing different from a typical teacher or services provider. Thus, if an untrained teacher teaches a lesson in a language that students with special needs do not understand then they are effectively worthless. Not to mention the teacher has limited attention with so many students in a special needs classroom.

A private prep program for student with special needs provides a 1-on-1 private tuition program. It means that the private tutor will be more focus and attentive to the student as it is what he/she needs more. The private tutor will be better identify the student learning ability to apply the best tailor-made strategy program that suits the student’s style, creates better learning experience, and improves the ability.

Why Elite Tutors Indonesia?

Our Special Needs Prep Program is a 1-on-1 private tuition program specifically designed to help student with the special needs such as mild dyslexia or mild autism. The program aims to deliver care, build a better communication, create great learning experience, and improve the ability of the student.

In June, 2017, Dr. Eng. Sumarsono. S.T., M.T., OCP. has officially been membered on International Dyslexia Association (IDA). Our professional team will carefully build a relation with the student to learn his/her difficulties before propose the best tailor-made program that suits the student’s needs. The team use a combination of andragogy and pedagogy approaches to deliver the tuition program.

Our Special Needs Prep Program team are consist of local tutors with international support who have extensive experiences in the management of the students with special needs. The program is designed for elementary to senior high school students and requires a minimum of twelve months to reach its goal. The basic features consist of the following items:

  • ~ 30 man hours of consultation by Dr. Eng. Sumarsono, ST., MT., OCP;
  • ~ 300 session of 1 to 1 tuition (1 session = 90 minutes of tutoring);
  • ~ 150 man hours of program supervisory;
  • ~ 50 Man hours of off-site supporting 1 to 1 tuition;
  • Dedicated program officer;
  • Books and modules;
  • Stationary (Whiteboard is excluded);
  • Highly selected a team of professional tutors;
  • Team building program with the tutors (entertainment);
  • Targeted high schools’ visits (If move to another school is preferred);
  • Learning experience photo book;
  • Standardized psychology test*;
  • Reference to overseas clinical institution for autism and dyslexia;
  • Dedicated personal private tutor (shadow teacher/tutor) with additional charge;
  • Monthly progress report.

INVESTMENTS            : IDR 250 - 350 Million


Education tour : Not included

Tutors background

: Local and expatriate
Duration of program : Min. 12 months


Booklet (Indonesian version)

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Booklet (English Version)

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