14 September 2016

There is No Such a Stupid Student, Just Fix the Teaching Method

KOMPAS.com - Study of the International Association for the Evaluation of Educational Achievement (IEA) in East Asia, showed the 4th grade reading skills in Indonesia ranked lowest when compared with neighboring countries.

The highest reading tests average score achieved by Hong Kong (75.5). The second rank was by Singapore (74). Meanwhile, Thailand was in the third position (65.1). Philippines scored one rank higher than Indonesia (52.6). The Indonesian students test score was 51.7. They were only able to master 30 percent of the material.

In addition, the Indonesian students also had difficulty answering questions that require an understanding of reasoning. This is because they used to memorize materials and answer questions with multiple-choice answers.

What happen?


There is no single factor

Indonesia's formal education system tends to treat students equally. “In fact, every child is different. Every child has a different specialty. When treated equally, some can follow it, some are not,” said Founder & CEO of Elite Tutors Indonesia, Sumarsono, in Jakarta, Wednesday (07/09/2016).

According to Sumarsono, it could be a number of children are unnoticed by the teaching system. “Having specialty but was ignored by the existing system,” he said.

There are various conditions that make students cannot optimally learn teaching materials, for example: less concentration, less interest in the lesson, less interest in the teaching methods, and lack of school facilities.


Recognize Students’ Needs

Sumarsono believes every child needs support to be able to get the best potential. Sumarsono then initiated a tailor-made system developed at his company. “The system has been widely applied in schools and educational institutions abroad, but not familiar in Indonesia,” said Sumarsono. Syllabus in this system is based on children's needs and goals. It includes subjects and students’ value target.

“The students take extra lessons for many purposes, (such as) top school preparation, top public universities preparation, or studying abroad,” said Sumarsono. The tailor-made system also create an entertaining teaching method so that when the students feel comfortable with the tutor, they will easily learn the teaching materials.

Students now facing extremely diverse challenges from the curriculum to the possibility of domestic issues. “That's our role, tutor put himself as a friend,” said Sumarsono. “The chemistry between learners and tutors is highly maintained in Elite Tutors. At their age, the students are listening to friends than parent,” he added.

One of the most distinct superiority of Elite compared to others is the private system. A team of tutors will assist and monitor the progress and learning targets of one learner only.

Before preparing the syllabus, Elite will design a mechanism for one-stop service to ensure the student needs and goals. “The process is about two weeks,” he stated.

Still thinking there is a stupid child? Think again.


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